Sure Signs That Your Trees Need To Be Cut Off Or Trimmed Up



We all sure love trees, plants and blooming flowers. But what if the tree in your background has grown old and might fall right over your home if a strong wind blows? It can result in loss of life and property. In such cases, it is always better to cut off or trim some trees that pose a danger or shows signs of decay. Be sure to consult professional tree experts like the Tree Surgeons WA so that they can analyze the trees on your property and decide which all should be cut or trimmed. There had been several cases of falling trees taking away innocent lives, and in such cases, total removal of dangerous trees is the only option as in the case.

Here are some points that will help you to understand the sure signs that you need to pick up the phone and call a tree expert company:

Annual Inspections Are A Must!
Be sure to inspect your trees at least once in a year. Check for any visible signs of structural issues, diseases or decays. Also, ensure that you check the trees after a massive storm and rain. The large trees can easily fall if their root area becomes soaked up by the flooding water. The roots can also get damaged in severe storms. If you remain vigilant and regularly inspect the trees, you can call the tree service experts at the right time and avoid a huge mishap.

How To Do The Inspection?
Some of you would naturally have the doubt how to do the tree inspection and recognize the signs of damage. You could start off by checking out the overall tree condition. The sick ones usually have leaves with off-colors or red pine needles. Even if the tree is green color in the crown part, it can still be risky as the trunk and branches will be weak due to rot or disease. You can try using a binocular to check out the branches high up the tree. Look for any weak branches or broken limbs. These are signs that the tree can fall soon.

Top High-Risk Signs To Look Out For!
Now as you have learned how to do the basic inspection of the trees, here are some top high-risk signs to look out for. All these are signs that the tree needs immediate attention and can pose great harm to life and property if left as it is.

Cracks On The Bark
Check the barks of the trees for any visible cracks or if the cracks are starting to form on it. Cracks are sure shot signs that the tree is starting to die or is very sick. In case you notice deep cracks or more than two cracks on the same spot, call the tree service experts quickly.
Tree Cankers
Tree cankers are those sunken spots on the bark of the tree or on the areas where the barks have gone missing. Such sunken spots are signs of disease or wounds.

Frail Branch Unions
Always make it a point to check out how the branches seem to be attached to the main tree trunk. If the branch union points appear to be weak, then these branches are sure to fall any time. Usually, maple and elm trees are prone to such weak branch unions.

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