Tips To Select Climbing Shoes

Climbing shoes are different from other shoes, and so is the fit. A perfect fitting boot is essential as it supports your foot, and also helps from slipping. Be it for indoor climbing, rock climbing or mountaineering, here are a few tips that will help you find the ideal footwear for your feet.

The material of the boot

The shoe material determines the comfort that you get for your foot. The material source here in this article are as below:

  • Synthetic: These stretch very little, and so the shape of the footwear does not change. So the size of your boot should be what you feel comfortable while climbing. Remember, they will not get better as it ages, if the fit is not right it will never be.
  • Leather: Leather uppers stretch the most and can go up to a size more than you bought it initially. A newly purchased shoe will have a curl on your toe, but it should not be too painful as you will not get the needed performance. If you buy a lined leather, it will stretch half of the leather variety. In a perfectly fitting shoe, it takes longer to break.


For a beginner, the best boot is a comfort fit. This fit is the one where you wear it the whole day and can walk or workout without a limp. Click here to know more about the benefits of rock climbing, After using it a few times for climbing, your shoe breaks in, and you will find that there is a gap between the toes and shoe tip. Advanced climbers prefer a performance fit, which is a tighter fit. You will want to remove them regularly so that you can stretch your toe and relax. After breaking in, the toe should not feel squeezed, and your feet should not hurt while climbing.

Shoe shape:

The shape of the shoe can also be a significant contributor to how comfortable your shoe fits. You can also “Like them on Facebook” to get regular updates and news regarding the best shoes available on the market.

  • If you are into long, multi-route climb, then a flat shoe with the symmetrical profile is suitable. This type of shoe will touch the surface with a minimal arc.
  • Curved shoe: As the name indicates, it will have an arc which is highly visible and is asymmetrical in shape. You should use your weight and force on the edge of the shoe to get precision. This shape helps you balance when the holds are thin.
  • Hooked shaped shoe: They are turned down in the shape of a hook and is asymmetric. You can push your toes down and stretch your body when you are on a steep.

Things to know

  • The shoes would fit in such a way that it is comfortable but not painful.
  • Beginners should invest in boots that are flat and stiff.
  • Advanced climbers who climb boulders should wear curved and soft shoes.
  • Women’s climbing shoe look different from that of men’s as they are narrow and have an instep and high arc.
  • Leather shoes stretch with time, and hence you should buy a size smaller.
  • Velcro shoes are fast to take off and hence used when bouldering. If you want a good fit that you want to wear for extended periods, shoes with laces are best.